Wednesday, August 25

Epic site!

I play ROBLOX and my account name is hyas1nth on the pretty good virtual world ROBLOX

Wednesday, July 21

Still In Progress

Geez, this is alot harder than I thought. Finally made the world map, and now there's Canyon Island! Gotta add that in... Medieval Stuff is still in progress, any help would be appreciated. Considering how laggy the servers are, I don't know when I will finish.

Saturday, July 17

In Progress

Currently working on :
Skill Levels, World Map (Fixed screen shot program, finally...), medieval recipes, "farming funnel" (to be revealed later tonight), and confirming several recipes. World map, done by monday, medievil reipes, done by tonight, hopefully, skills done by tomorrow hopefully. Depends on alot of stuff.

Friday, June 25

First Visit

I would like to take this post to thank Joeyeyey, as he was my first visitor to this page.

Wednesday, June 23

Updates, Suggestions?

I am still working on a world map, as I have to fix OneNote (by Microsoft) to get the screen shots. I was considering doing a basic crafting page, like maybe hemp, rope, and such? Comment!

Tuesday, June 22

World Map

I am currently working on a Buildings page, a Weapons page, and a world map. Maybe a strategy guide later, in addition to different Islands to use different ways.

Updates and Comments

I will try to keep this well updated. If you have a new update of something I need to add, comment here.