Food and Farming

Sm. Leaves (Process) = Sm. Compost (Plant berry or flax)

Lg. Leaves (Process) = Lg. Compost (Plant apple or wheat)

The seeds you can plant are as follows:

Flax Flower = The blue part on top of flax plants.  You only get one seed when you plant this, so you have to take as many seeds as you want to grow plants. 
Available at = Flax Islands

Berry = Grows a bush, complete with sm. bush stump sm. leaves and 9 berries.
Available at = Bento, Canyon, and Paradise

Apple = Grows a sm. tree, complete with sm. tree stump, lg. leaves, and 5 apples. 
Available at = Paradise and Teraphyx

Wheat Seed = Grows 6 Wheat and 6 Wheat Seeds. 
Available at = Paradise and Teraphyx

I might as well include this, since it is made from wheat. 
1. Craft 2 wheat into wheat bundle
2. Put wheat bundle into mill for flour
3. Use bucket on flour to get dough
4. Craft dough into item for raw bread
5. Cook carefully.  Each bread has 5 servings, each filling you up

Unbaked Berry Pie (Item) = Dough + Berry + Berry
Unbaked Apple Pie (Item) = Dough + Apple + Apple